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[ms_column style=”4/5″ class=”” id=””] This is a step-by-step pre-listing process for your information. Whether you decide to work with us or not, you can use this guide to make sure your sale (and your agent) is on track.[/ms_column][ms_column style=”1/5″ class=”” id=””][ms_button style=”” link=”” size=”medium” shape=”rounded” shadow=”yes” block=”no” target=”_blank” gradient=”no” color=”#1e73be” text_color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa-cloud-download” icon_animation_type=”tada” border_width=”5″ class=”” id=””]Download Now[/ms_button][/ms_column]  
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In our experience in selling residential real estate in Northern Virginia, specifically in [ms_highlight background_color=”#ff9900″ border_radius=”5px” class=”” id=””]Fairfax County, Arlington, and Alexandria[/ms_highlight], we’ve learned a few things. The DC metro market has it’s own unique strengths and challenges, so if for outsiders it can be hard to imagine why a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2000 sq ft condo is sold for $700,000. The fact is that home values aren’t determined by tax assessments, square footage, or even appraisers. The market is set by what a buyer is willing to pay. The reality is that you may have a far different perception of your home’s value because it’s your home and you love it!

The listing team at 703 Real Estate will conduct a thorough market analysis of your property. At our first meeting, we’ll provide you with our analysis. Together, we’ll walk through the home to learn more about what makes it unique. We’ll factor any remodeling, repairs, or upgrades you’ve made to the property into the pricing strategy and also share different tactics which may net you a greater return on investment.

Our pricing strategy is very different from other agents. Our goal is to not only sell your house for the best price possible, but also to sell within your timeframe! We may recommend creative pricing strategies to ultimately net you more money. Some of our strategies are unconventional, but we’ll work within your comfort zone to achieve the cost, schedule, and performance metrics we’ve set together.

After we’ve agreed to work together and set our goals, we will implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to get your home in front of as many buyers as possible. Plus, we’ll reach deep into a database of more than [ms_highlight background_color=”#ff9900″ border_radius=”5px” class=”” id=””]25,000 people[/ms_highlight] who have expressed interest in buying. Furthermore, we can dig into the metrics to find people who are pre-qualified specifically for your property!
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What to expect from a full service listing agent:

  1. Pricing: compare similar properties to set the best price for your home
  2. Recommendations for Preparation
    • Cleaning
    • Repairs
    • Landscape
    • Photographer
    • Videographer
  3. Install (and monitor) lockbox to allow for showings
  4. Local sign campaign at strategic intersections
  5. Enter listing information in Multiple-Listing System (MLS)
    • Publish listing to hundreds of unique websites and social media channels
    • Publish listing in traditional media channels such as local newspapers and magazines, and direct mail campaigns
    • Share listing with hundreds of agents (and thousands of their clients)
  6. Host Pre-market Broker’s Open House to showcase listing with local community agents
  7. Schedule, publicize, and host Open House
  8. Coordinate showings with buyers and agents
  9. Solicit feedback from visitors
  10. Compile and review information weekly with seller. Provide insight on how to make property more appealing to buyers. Continue to market property until acceptable contract is received.
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Keller Williams Realty McLean & Great Falls Office 2016 YTD Results

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