[ms_timeline columns=”5″ class=”” id=””][ms_timeline_item title=’Find a Tenant’ time=’1′]Finding any tenant is easy; finding the right tenant for your property requires a certain finesse.[/ms_timeline_item] [ms_timeline_item title=’Background’ time=’2′]We have the proper tools to make sure that only fully qualified applicants sign a lease with our clients.[/ms_timeline_item] [ms_timeline_item title=’Move-in’ time=’3′]We’ll handle everything from utilities to deposits and move-in fees, and scheduling everything beforehand.[/ms_timeline_item] [ms_timeline_item title=’Address Issues’ time=’4′]When an issue arrises, we’ll be the point of contact with contractors (electricians, HVAC, plumbers, construction, etc.).[/ms_timeline_item] [ms_timeline_item title=’Clean & Repeat’ time=’5′]By planning ahead, we can make sure that your cashflow isn’t interrupted, and neither is your time![/ms_timeline_item][/ms_timeline]

Our team renovates and manages residential and commercial properties in the DC Area. Our management program has been designed to maximize owner’s return on investment. We accomplish this delivering world class customer service, both to our clients, and the tenants. In turn, we’re able to maintain cash flow through occupancy rates which exceed industry standards.

Our programs of property maintenance and appropriate capital improvements are designed to actually decrease operating costs over the life of the property. Currently, we partner with maintenance companies who are experts and professionals in their fields. Through these partnerships, we are able to provide timely service in a cost-efficient manner that eliminates the usual delays and high costs of outside contracting.

Property management is not for the faint of heart. We consult with our clients, the owners, in order to gain an understanding of their ownership objectives, and manage the property to assure the fulfillment of both long and short-term investment goals. With 703 Real Estate at the helm, the owner can concentrate on growing their own business or portfolio, and achieve the desired financial benefits of the investment while being insulated from the daily operations of the property.

Backed by more than fifty years of collective experience in the competitive and complex investment real estate market of the Washington, DC, area, our company possesses the experience, local market knowledge and disciplined approach necessary to effectively represent real estate property owners.

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We handle all licensing and jurisdictional requirements for your property. With years of experience we know how to handle mandated licensing and inspections from start to finish with our clients. We make sure that you do not have to jump through all of the hoops associated with other property management services.



Our property management services in Virginia utilize a detailed move-in inspection complete with a customized checklist and photos to ensure our clients that the condition of their home is documented down to the last detail before the new tenant takes possession. Photos are taken and a detailed condition statement is delivered to our clients through the online portal. We also ensure the tenant receives a warm welcome to the home, that all utilities are properly transferred, and that the appropriate expectations are set concerning tenant responsibilities.


We utilize an automatic program which allows us to directly debit rent due from tenants and directly credit our clients by the fifth business day of every month. This allows for the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Our online portal features a banking tab with monthly and annual statements that are perfect for tax purposes. Our reliability is only one of reason we have been voted as one of the best property management companies in Virginia.



We perform semi-annual property spot checks for your home.  After each spot check, a condition statement is delivered to our client that provides an accurate assessment of the home and photos are uploaded to the online portal. These checks allow us to ensure the value of the home is being preserved and also outlines potential problem areas and affords our clients additional time to budget for future property expenses.


We handle all tenant relations, preventative maintenance, daily work orders and offer 24/7 emergency maintenance. With each work order we diligently inspect the issue, provide multiple estimates from trusted contractors, schedule repairs in a timely manner and are present to ensure the issue is properly repaired.  Over the last 10 years as a property management company we have developed relationships with contractors who provide us the best rates, the fastest response times, and the highest quality work. During this process we emphasize communication to both the client and the tenant in order to provide complete transparency.



75 days prior to the end of the lease term we complete a market analysis for your home. Once the recommended renewal rates are approved they are distributed to our tenants and they are required to give us a 60 day notice of their intentions. If the tenant does decide to vacate this allows us 2 months to remarket the property while occupied and minimize or eliminate all vacancy loss. Have any questions? Get in touch today; we look forwarding to being the Washington DC property management team you know and trust

Property Management Fees

We charge a fee of 10% of monthly rent received

Exceptions and Discounts:
Fee may be waived if the property is vacant

Fee may be discounted if you’re also our client for other services!

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