Example PCS Plan Checklist

Day 01 Tell Family About Move — Discuss With All (Some family members may be unhappy about the new assignment)
Contact Relocation Manager (Schedule an appointment ASAP.)
Day 02 Plan Relocation Budget (Managing your allowances and entitlements is critical to a successful move.)
Research New Location (Visit Military OneSource, research newspapers and obtain maps of new community.)
Day 03 Contact the Origin Transportation Office (Schedule an appointment to begin personal property counseling.)
Create a Moving Book (It is imperative to keep your records in a file, lock box or somewhere safe.)
Day 04 Contact Destination Housing Office (Learn about the availability of government quarters in new location.)
Day 05 Planning Day/Hold Family Meeting — Find Single and Family Checklists (Moving is always a challenge — be sensitive to everyone’s stress level.)
Day 06 Inventory Personal Property (Remember to inventory high value/high risk items and check on insurance coverage for your possessions while in transit and storage. )
Request a Sponsor (Request a sponsor and make contact when one is assigned. )
Day 07 Research Schools (It takes time to make the right decisions on new schools. Remember to check enrollment requirements and school schedules. )
Evaluate Government Housing Options (Government housing options should be researched before a decision to move on the economy.)
Day 10 Research Travel (Decide on the method of travel for each family member if not traveling together. )
POV Decisions (Let the transportation office know if you want to ship a vehicle. )
Day 11 Notify Housing Office (Remember to notify the housing office as soon as you receive orders.)
Notify Landlord (Remember to notify your landlord as soon as you receive orders.)
Begin Homesale Process (Research real estate agents carefully before making a choice)
Contact Mortgage lenders – get at least 3 quotes (shopping around won’t have a major impact on your credit)
Day 12 Planning Day/Hold Family Meeting — Investigate Moving with Children (Children are adaptable but require more attention during moves.)
Day 15 Home Buyers Begin Housing Search (Take time to make the correct housing decision. )
  Renters Begin Housing Search (Make sure the lease includes a Military Clause. )
Day 16 Track Moving Expenses (You will need a record for your tax records if you itemize deductions. )
Prepare Home for Sale (Avoid starting major renovations now)
Day 17 Update Budget (Make sure to keep your budget up-to-date every few days or you will lose track of expenses.)
Decide What to do with House Plants (Plants do not travel well find them a new home before you move.)
Day 18 Consider Planning a House-hunting Trip (House-hunting is important to wise housing decisions and community acculturation. )
Day 19 Planning Day/Organize Travel Records Kit (Compile a personal file for each family member. )
Month 2, Day 01 Begin Repairs & Cleaning for Moving (Cleaning and preparing for a move can take more time than you realize. )
Day 02 Begin Job Search (Update resumes and referral letters and send to prospective employers.)
Day 03 Arrange Temporary Lodging at Departure (Decide where you will be spending your last few days prior to departure.)
Day 04 Hold Yard Sale/Make Charitable Donations (Do not throw away useful items hold a yard sale and make some money. )
Day 05 Planning Day/Hold Family Meeting — Teen Issues and Moving (Help your teen to make a list of people and organizations they need to notify about your move. )
Day 08 Research Driver’s Licensing (Every locality has different laws and regulations on obtaining a drivers license.)
Contact Health Benefits Advisor (Before you move, contact your regional health care contractor to see if you need to switch to a new service area or region. Check the TRICARE website for more moving tips.)
Day 09 Plan Furniture Layout for New Home (Make a list of items you will need to furnish your new home. )
Day 10 Setup New Bank Accounts (Apply for ATM cards determine bank rates and look for the lowest fees for the services you need. Do not forget a safety deposit box if you need one.)
Day 11 Obtain PO Box in New Location (Do not forget to arrange for your mail delivery in the new location.)
Research Directions (Traveling to the new location should be half the fun!)
Day 12 Planning Day/Hold Family Meeting — Moving and Elder Care (Stay ahead of the game by doing tasks ahead of time regardless of the calendar.)
Day 15 Obtain Power of Attorney and Update Will (Often military families travel at different times making a power of attorney critical.)
Day 16 Transfer or Hand Carry School Records (Keep track of your children’s school and health records.)
Day 17 Tips For Self Movers (Planning common sense and these tips help take the stress out of a self move.)
Day 18 Cancel Utilities (Do not forget the water phone cable electric and gas companies.)
Contact Insurance Company (Check on coverage of your personal property during transit as you may want to increase your insurance above what the government provides. )
Day 19 Planning Day/Hold Family Meeting – Research Loan Closet Availability (Your destination Loan Closet can help you set up housekeeping until your unaccompanied baggage arrives.)
Day 22 Update ID Cards (Check expiration date on ID cards for both you and your dependents.)
Help Kids Find Age Appropriate Books on Moving (Books help acclimate children prior to the move.)
Day 23 Confirm Moving Date with Transportation Office (Constant communication with your moving company will ensure less damage in the long run.)
Make Arrangements for Pet Travel (Check regulations for bringing a pet into a new country state city or town.)
Day 24 Take Clothes to Dry Cleaners (Clothes in plastic dry cleaning bags travel better and will wrinkle less.)
Day 25 Take Pet to Veterinarian (Discuss your pets medications and plans for your pets travel.)
Day 26 Planning Day/Hold Family Meeting — Know How to Find Emergency Assistance (Build in time to relax and recharge your batteries.)
Day 29 Update Budget (Keep a log of all your expenses separate from your budget planning sheet.)
Day 30 Arrange Temporary Lodging at Destination (Make arrangements as well in advance as possible and reconfirm before you depart.)
Day 31 Discuss Travel Advances (Settle your current bills and plan finances for your new assignment.)
Month 3, Day 01 Verify Moving Schedule with Transportation Office (Discuss the possibility of an onsite inspector for the day of your move.)
Day 02 Planning Day/Hold Family Meeting — Investigate Child Care Options (Ask Family Center about program for free child care during official move.)
Day 05 Reserve Freight Elevator in High Rise (Some high rise buildings require several weeks notice to reserve the freight elevator and loading dock.)
Refill Prescription Medications (Have prescriptions forwarded to a pharmacy near your new home.)
Day 06 Contact Pay and Finance Office (Take charge of your finances now to avoid problems later.)
Day 08 Obtain Information on Religious Institution of Choice (Use the internet to begin your research.)
Day 09 Planning Day/Hold Family Meeting — 92 Tips for Spending Less (These family meetings help to keep you organized during the move.)
Day 12 Arrange for Absentee Voter Registration (The law protects your right to vote in Federal elections.)
Day 13 Pick up and Return Borrowed Items from Neighborhood (Check with all family members so that everyone has a list of borrowed items to return or pick up.)
Day 14 Notify Command of New Permanent Address (Once you know your new permanent address contact your old command so they can reach you if necessary.)
Day 15 Cancel Regular Deliveries and Memberships in Local Clubs (Remember newspaper deliveries trash pick-up and health and social clubs.)
Day 16 Throw a Going Away Party (If you can not throw a proper party meet with friends and family separately.)
Day 19 Clean out Refrigerator (Get rid of perishable food that cannot be eaten before the move.)
Day 20 Drain Oil and Gas from Power Equipment (Cut grass one last time before move.)
Day 21 Pack Special Care or Irreplaceable Items (Think about such items as your marriage license photo albums antiques and favorite toys.)
Day 22 Pack a Field Kit for the Car if Driving to New Location (Essential items include snacks maps and teddy bears.)
Disassemble Furniture and Pack Computer Equipment and Electronics (Make sure to keep parts for furniture in a zip lock bag or small container.)
Day 23 Planning Day/Hold Family Meeting/Discuss Car Trip Activities (Print off the list of games and take it with you in the car.)
Day 26 Self Movers Arrange for Help in New Location (Ask your destination transportation office for a list of recommendations.)
Remove TV Antenna and Other Equipment (Generally satellite dishes do not transport from one location to another.)
Day 27 Arrange for Utilities to be Connected in New Location (Utilities include water gas electric cable phone security satellite services among others.)
Day 28 Finish Packed by Owner Boxes — Leave Open (Careful packing and clear markings as to the content of the box will ensure safer transport and easier unpacking.)
Day 29 Pack Field Kit in Car (Remember to put your Travel Records Kit in the car as well!)
Day 30 Strip Beds; Disconnect Major Appliances; Take Out Trash; Take Children to Child Care; Take Pets to Care Giver; Remember to pick up the children and pets before you move to temporary quarters. Collect keys; turn down utilities; close windows and lock doors when ready to depart. (Before the moving van leaves do final walk-through and confirm directions and delivery date(s), if known.)